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Cardiology, Heart Transplantation Cardiology, Heart Transplantation Cardiology, Heart Transplantation
Expansion Plans    
(A Fully Integrated State-of-the-Art Medical Village)

Frontier Mediville is a 360 acre Bio-village, situated on the National Highway No. 5, 40 kms away from Chennai at Elavur Village, Tiruvallur District on the Tamil Nadu – Andhra Pradesh border.

Frontier Mediville is being developed as a joint venture with Tamilnadu Industrial Developmental Corporation (TIDCO) under Public- Private Partnership. Part of the Mediville project including the Bioscience Park has been accorded the status of a Special Economic Zone for the Biotechnology sector by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

Frontier Mediville is easily accessible by air, road and rail. Indian Railway has given special permission to maintain the ‘Elavur' Railway Station under private-public partnership.

The concepts of environmental management, including energy conservation, water and wastewater management, biodiversity and the ecofriendly design and construction of buildings have been deeply rooted in the minds of the visionaries of Frontier Mediville.

The following are the unique features coming up at Frontier Mediville:

National Bioscience Park
It has been stated that a gap exists between the invention of a new medical product and its introduction in the market. Scientists, medical professionals and even bureaucrats have realized that the hospitals in our country should take part in research activities. The research team of a hospital has better and direct access to the data related to the disease.

Frontier Lifeline is establishing a National Bioscience Park as its maiden venture at the Mediville, which will be the first of its kind in India and this part of Asia. It will provide a platform for professionals to not only keep pace with global changes in medical research, but also to conduct basic and applied research with special relevance to diseases in the region, and also help commercialize research with a view to create appropriate products and services for the benefit of a large number of people in India and its neighborhood. The National Bioscience Park will be a hub for research, training and treatment with specific focus on regenerative medicine.

In order to cater to the research and testing needs of the companies of origin such as pharmaceuticals, traditional medicines, medical devices, bioprosthetics, botanicals, biotechnologicals, agrochemicals and industrial chemicals, construction of CRO (Contract Research Organization) facilities is in progress at Frontier Mediville. The CRO facilities at Frontier Mediville will be of international standards and the personnel are appropriately qualified and experienced and professionally managed to provide excellent services to the companies.

The facilities will have a state-of-art animal house, test rooms, analytical chemistry, clinical chemistry, pathology, genetic toxicology, eco - toxicology and entomology laboratories, in vitro laboratories (biotechnology and nanotechnology) and support facilities. There will also be facilities to carryout Phase I clinical trials and BA/BE studies. The facilities will also have several well equipped laboratories for carrying out research in stem cells, genetics, tissue engineering and electrophysiology.

There will also be a GMP facility in Frontier Mediville for manufacturing tissue engineered products for benefiting patients, saving foreign exchange and creating jobs in the rural areas

Sterile Biomedical Corridor
Frontier Mediville will have a Sterile Biomedical Corridor to facilitate manufacture of consumables, disposables and pharmaceutical products.

Vendors' Park
An entirely new concept which would appeal to the burgeoning industry of medical equipments and related services will be an exclusive “Vendors' Park” at the Mediville.

Convention Centre The largest convention centre in the name ‘Flamingo' is coming up in Frontier Mediville. The name, Flamingo is apt to the convention centre as the convention centre is designed like a Flamingo.

An Architectural Wonder in Frontier Mediville- ‘Flamingo', the Convention (Artist's view)

Training Halls
The existing research facilities of Frontier Lifeline are recognized by various universities for conducting diploma and degree courses and research leading to Ph.D. degree. These facilities will be subsequently shifted to Frontier Mediville and conducted in training halls and research laboratories. The training halls also will be used for imparting skill development training to the employees.

It has been planned to establish a 1000 bed multi-specialty “Bio-Hospital”; an emerging concept combining present day clinical medicine with regenerative medicine and basic sciences enhanced with holistic therapy.

Green House
The Green Hous e being established in the Frontier Mediville will have medicinal plants species from various part of India and from other countries as well.

Commitment to Environment
Frontier Mediville is developed with a sense of social corporate responsibility. “Green Consciousness” will extend throughout this project which is being developed in line with the requirements for a LEED Platinum certification. More than 50 acres comprise of a medicinal plants garden and clusters of forests with different species of trees having medicinal properties are being developed in Frontier Mediville. For the cultivation of these plants, use of biofertilizers and traditional methods of pest control are adopted.

Cultivation of Arjuna trees at Frontier Mediville. Medicinal properties of bark of Arjuna trees for curing heart ailments are well documented in Ayurveda.

The following are the concepts what we have looked upon and taken additional care to go along with the nature:

Bamboo as Carbon Credit
Thousands of bamboo trees which are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere have already been planted at ‘Frontier Mediville'. Villagers will be educated on climate change (global warming) and encouraged for bamboo cultivation.

Ficus as Ozone Layer Preservator
Ficus religiosa
, the sacred tree, is called as ‘King of the trees' in India . It has been scientifically proved that Ficus religiosa play an important role in preserving ozone layer. Hundreds of saplings of this tree have already been planted in Frontier Mediville.

Energy Conservation
Emphasize will be given for conservation of energy at ‘Frontier Mediville'. For this solar energy, wind energy and solar combined wind energy (hybrid) systems and biogas plants will be set up in ‘Frontier Mediville'.

Water Conservation
Natural and artificial water bodies at “Frontier Mediville” will be maintained scientifically, aesthetically and in an eco-friendly manner. Toilets of the National Bioscience Park will be provided with vacuum evacuation using only 660 cc of water instead of 6 litres. Villagers will be trained on rainwater harvesting. A solar powered desalination plant has been recently erected for generating low-cost drinking water for the consumption in the Mediville.

Protecting Biodiversity at Frontier Mediville
Frontier Mediville is being developed taking utmost care not to destroy the existing ecosystem. The natural water bodies are preserved and the tall palm trees, which are the niche of the migratory birds, flamingoes, were left untouched during the development of the Mediville.

Cultivation of Mangroves
Mangroves are plants with peculiar features and form an unique ecosystem. Today mangrove is the most threatened habitat and the mangroves in Adyar creek in Chennai is not an exception. At ‘Frontier Mediville' mangroves are planted to create awareness in the need of preserving these wonderful plants.

Aquaculture is already in progress in the water bodies in Frontier Mediville exploiting the available resources, especially animal waste. Animal waste recycled through fish will be used for organic farming of vegetable. All necessary training and resources for aquaculture will be provided to the villagers. Villagers will be trained especially in i ntegrated fish farming (for example, fish cum poultry, fish cum horticulture).

One of the waterbodies in Frontier Mediville, where aquaculture is in progress.

Socially Relevant Programmes
At ‘Frontier Mediville' several programmes have already been initiated to uplift the socioeconomic status of rural people. The programmes are aimed at improving the existing agricultural practice, conserving the environment and value addition to agricultural produce. Villagers will be trained in organic farming and provided with the necessary materials so that farming can be done at the community level or individual house level. All necessary training and resources will be provided to the villagers interested in aquaculture in the water bodies of Frontier Mediville. Villagers will be educated on the environmental catastrophe that can occur due to elevated carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Plantation of bamboos, which can absorb carbon dioxide in greater quantities, will be encouraged in the villages. All these programmes will be designed in such a way that the villagers can also benefit financially.

Every effort will be made to help traditional medicine manufacturers and practitioners to generate required data at the testing facilities of Frontier Mediville, so that the medicines can be validated and marketed. There are many such unique offerings proposed at Frontier Mediville which will have a positive impact on the advancement of the rural population in the area.

Farm Animals
In India every year, about 10 million male buffalo calves are removed from the buffalo production system through culling by the farmers to save and sell the milk. India is now poised to achieve the Pink Revolution through the buffalo. Bovine Jugular Vein and & Collagen will be used in treating heart diseases. There is a great demand for pork and its products. Pulmonary xenografts from pigs are also useful conduits used successfully during heart surgery.

Sheds for farm animals are under construction for housing buffaloes, sheep and pigs.

Villagers will be trained on maintaining farm animals, with emphasis on disease prevention.

Farm animal sheds nearing completion in Frontier Mediville

Fodder Cultivation
Cultivation of Guinea grass and COFS 29 is in progress. It is also planned to establish a silage unit in Frontier Mediville.

Community Based Initiatives in Progress in Frontier Mediville
Initiatives have already been taken to impart training to the people from low socioeconomic status of Elavur village in fields like organic farming and dairying, vermicomposting and using biomass energy. By this training initiatives, around 3000 people in and around Elavur village will be benefited with various job opportunities and or income generation. This would enable them to be self- sufficient, support their livelihood, help in maintaining the biodiversity of the area and last but not least aid in protecting the globe from adverse effects of climate change .

Women Empowerment Programmes
Programmes for promoting women's welfare received fillip. These included socio-economic programmes, which provide employment opportunities to needy women to supplement their family income or to bring about their economic rehabilitation, and acquire various skills, which help provide women from far-flung areas with stay and day care facilities for their children.

Training in Vermicompost
Main objectives of this project are t o set up Vermicompost units and vermiwash tanks at farmer's field, schools, to increase the disposable income of women from the marginalized and disadvantaged sections of the society, to promote cultivation of vegetables (for improved nutrition) horticulture, medicinal plants and other economically important plants, to help in maintaining the ecological balance through scientific solid waste management and to provide linkages of marketing of quality produce and various other needed services pertaining to bio-technology based solutions of agriculture.

Several vermicomposting units have already been established in frontier Mediville. Trainings were given to SC/ST women in vermicomposting and organic farming.

Women receiving training in organic farming and vermicomposting

Kitchen Garden
The main objectives of this project are inculcating awareness of medicinal herbs and kitchen medicines among school students, training the school students in establishing an organic medicinal plants garden at the schools, inculcating awareness of medicinal herbs and kitchen medicines among village women and training the women in cultivation of medicinal herbs in the kitchen-garden and preparation of kitchen medicines.

Villagers receiving training in cultivation of medicinal herbs in kitchen garden and preparing kitchen medicines for Primary Health Care .

Socioeconomic status of a village cannot be improved until and unless women are educated and empowered. As a prelude to this 10 girls residing in Elavur village from low socioeconomic strata were picked up and were trained in certain aspects of biotechnology and tissue engineering.

Girls from Elavur Village undergoing training in research lab

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